Proxy vs VPN, Why VPN is Better

Find differences between a web proxy and a VPN service. Find the best solution for you to stay anonymous online and protect your privacy. Proxy vs VPN, which one is better ? In this page we explain all the differences between a proxy and a VPN service, so you can better decide by yourself which is the best way to hide your online activity and stay secure online.

What is a web-based proxy

A web proxy is a quick and free way to access blocked websites via web browsers, there are no doubts about this, it is a fact. Your IP address is hidden thanks to the web proxy service, because when you visit a website via a web proxy, your IP address is masked behind the proxy IP address. Infact it is the web proxy that visits the remote website with his own IP address, and then it forward the content of the remote website to you. So it is like if the web proxy is in the middle between you and the remote website.

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Disadvantages of a web proxy

However, there are some downsides about using a web proxy, it cannot guarantee you 100% anonymity online, and your IP address may be leaked to the remote website during a file transfer or while browsing a specific web page. Moreover, some websites may not work via web proxy, especially some streaming websites like Netflix, Hulu, or other websites that make a heavy use of JavaScript code. The web proxy works only via web browser, so it cannot, for example, protect your network traffic on unsecure WiFi hotspots.

Why you should use a VPN

Here comes in help the VPN service, it is the must-have for online anonymity and is already used by millions of users worldwide. The VPN is much more secure compared to a web proxy, it encrypts your network traffic, so your IP address is hidden online. No one, including your ISP, can view what websites you visit, what files you download, or what messages you send to your friends via instant messengers, everything that you do online is encrypted. The VPN can unblock any website, including Netflix, Hulu and all other streaming sites, and it can protect your unsecure WiFi hotspots. The VPN works with any application and programs, not just via web browsers.

You are 100% anonymous onlineNoYes
Unblock websites via web browserYesYes
Effectively hide your IP address onlinePartialYes
Supports Windows, Mac, Linux, AndroidYesYes
Fast bandwidth to browse websitesYesYes
Switch between different IP addressesNoYes
Change virtual country and geo-locationNoYes
Watch Netflix and any streaming websiteNoYes
You know the owners of the proxy serversNoYes
Supports P2P, file sharing and torrentsNoYes
Fast file download\upload speedNoYes
Works with all applications and programsNoYes
Protect public (unsecure) WiFi hotspotsNoYes
Encrypt traffic on your smartphoneNoYes
Encrypt your network trafficNoYes

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